The Heroic Journey

About the Authors

Anne Bruetsch, JD has 35 years experience in education, 20 in the classroom. She has been an instructor in the graduate school of education at John F. Kennedy University, where she designed the Single Subject Teacher Credential program. Anne produced Mindsight and authored Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan Book.

Marilyn Patterson, MA was the founder and director of The Walden School. After 30 years in teaching, administration, curriculum development, and staff training, she has become a tutor for students of all ages. She is author of a conflict resolution program called Stand up for Your Rights without Hitting, as well as Psychophysical Frolic.

Jaelline Jaffe, PhD has worked with elementary, middle and high school students in a large, urban school district. She has more than 35 years teaching and counseling experience at all levels, including special education. She is Mental Health Editor for, as well as site coordinator for Dr. Jaffe is a psychotherapist in private practice. Her personal website is

Louise Sample, MA taught middle school for 30 years. She served as an instructor in the graduate school of education at John F. Kennedy University. She presents seminars on learning modalities, multiple intelligences, accelerated learning, stress reduction, brain research, and community building through ritual. She is a trainer for the Tribes program.