The Heroic Journey


At long last - a much needed guide for the adolescent journey to adulthood. The Heroic Journey: A Rite of Passage Program is a powerful new tool to assist young people in developing high self-esteem, responsibility, and social skills necessary for survival in today's intense world. It reconnects young people with their community and provides a much needed dynamic mentoring process. Every young person deserves the chance to participate in such a healthy program. Seeing this powerfully positive curriculum was Chicken Soup for my soul!

--Jack Canfield
Director of Self-Esteem Seminars
Co-author of the best-selling Chicken Soul for the Soul series (1996)

In a time of increased teenage violence, suicide, and the following of false heroes, The Heroic Journey curriculum offers practical teaching strategies to help students cope with their social, physical, psychological, mental, and moral issues. The diversity and comprehensiveness of this curriculum can be incorporated into any content area. I encourage all schools to make The Heroic Journey part of their existing curriculum.

--Patrick Schifano
Public School Administrator
New Jersey (1996)

With a happy coincidence of lucidity and light-heartedness, four extraordinary educators pattern mythic structures into a rite of passage for our besieged adolescents. Their meticulous, detailed blueprint affords hope for a future charged with values and vision. I recommend The Heroic Journey to all who celebrate story and ritual as a pathway to the larger life.

--Jean Houston, PhD
Director, Foundation for Mind Research (New York)
Consultant to the United Nations and UNICEF
Author of 15 books on the dimensions of human potential (1996)

The Heroic Journey is an excellent compliment to the curriculum of any school that is concerned with the development of the whole individual. Catholic schools and youth groups of all denominations should pay particular attention to this curriculum. The program is extremely flexible and stimulates the creativity of teacher/facilitator and students. It reinforces the life skills that are essential in the working world. I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone who is interested in an interdisciplinary approach to human growth and development.

--Leland D. Nagel
Superintendent of Schools for Total Catholic Education
Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin (1996)