The Heroic Journey

The Curriculum: Stage 3

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Initiation (physical development)

The third stage focuses on Physical Development, and helps students explore that big adolescent concern, "What is normal?" They first examine how the media tend to exploit teenagers' concerns about normality. Then they read about the Initiations involved in moving to adulthood in various cultures, and compare them to modern times.

They also learn about the chemistry of the brain when faced with both positive and dangerous challenges, and have the opportunity to "test" themselves in several carefully structured yet difficult ways in the Challenge Decathlon. Each student then chooses a physical skill to be improved by the end of the Heroic Journey, and is assigned to an Adult Ally, who will check in regularly to see how they are progressing.


Lesson 3-3 Student Worksheet
Asks the student, in the Ally Group, to summarize the Setting, Physical, Social and Psychological, Intellectual, and Moral and Ethical aspects of the journey to adulthood.

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