The Heroic Journey

About the Curriculum

The Heroic Journey curriculum follows seven locations on the journey map. Each Unit of the curriculum represents a stage of the mythical Hero's Journey, and emphasizes one of the developmental areas that are most important in adolescence:

The two additional locations on the map are the Units devoted to the introduction and the formal Rite of Passage ceremony.

Students are given a "Passport," which is something like a workbook, to help them keep track of their adventures by recording their experiences along the way. They are also given a "Map" to show them where they are on the journey. At the end of each unit is a Culminating Activity, which is designed to stretch students' capacities, allowing them to "test" themselves in a healthy yet challenging manner. As each student completes a stage, the individual's Passport is stamped and he or she moves on to the next stage.

On this website, each stage of this map will link you to more information about that stage and samples of the different parts of the curriculum.

The Prologue provides a context for the curriculum and is especially useful for demonstrating the need for this program to parents and administrators.

The Call * Crossing the Threshold * Initiation of Change
Road of Trials * Finding the Key and Receiving the Boon * Sharing the Treasure
Rite of Passage


Table of Contents
One page from the Table of Contents, showing Unit and Lesson titles.

Time Frame
A page from the introduction, showing the time estimated for each lesson.

Story: Kristy Yamaguchi
The story of Kristy Yamaguchi is one of eight stories used to illustrate the different types of intelligence (Multiple Intelligences as described by Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner).

Student Passport: Lesson 3-5
This page from the Student Passport workbook asks the student to describe experiences that triggered a physiological response of adrenaline, endorphin, and seratonin.